Year 12 Work Experience

For the school’s 2-day Work Experience programme, I completed my work experience at Vvid Studio, where they 3D visualise different products and scenes such as bathroom taps, showers and vanities. I was taught how to use software called 3D CAD which is used to create virtual 3D objects. I was also given the opportunity to create a render of a bathroom scene for a client that specified they wanted to include a mirror, vanity, sink and some plants. This was quite a different experience that has helped give me insight into different pathways available to me if I choose to become an Architect. Overall, the experience was beneficial and I gained new and different skills that I can take into any future career.

During the Term 2 holidays, I reached out to ‘Trinity Interior Design’ and they were kind enough to allow me to do work experience with them for 2 days. I was guided by Design Support, Jenna Quines, who gave me a tour of the office and its’ studios, and introduced me to the different aspects of an interior design company. I was given many opportunities to ensure that I got a great range of experiences. I sat in a couple of different meetings; one where the designers presented their ideas to clients about potential schemes for their homes, and another where a product supplier was trying to sell them their newest products. I was able to go onsite to one of their projects, the Omana North apartments, to confirm measurements for window treatments. The whole team at Trinity were very accommodating and strived to help me make the most out of my experience working in a small office where a lot of hands-on work is involved.
Janine Orjalo, Year 12