Year 7&8 Debate Competition Results

Over the past two terms, we have been holding the Year 7&8 Debate Competition – consisting of 5 rounds and 8 teams.  Under the guidance of senior student coaches, students debate topics that ranged from whether books are better than movies, to whether zoos should be banned.  Seeing the girls develop their skills and grow closer to their peers has been wonderful!

A prizegiving was held recently to celebrate the amazing achievements of all the girls who took part.  Prizes were awarded to the winning and runner-up teams, as well as the two best speakers in the competition.

  • Winning team: Team 8 – Isabel Paku, Keira Cocks and Ava Samuels (coached by Maia O’Callaghan).
  • Runner-up team: Beta Dan U – Piper Harrison, Lily Williams, Jodie Jaffe, Sophie Burrows and Ellie Hassler (coached by Amelia Lord)
  • Best Speakers: Cassandra Legaspi and Piper Harrison