Year 9’s Have Attitude

Recently, Year 9 had Allenzo from Attitude come to deliver their ‘Connected’ presentation about what you need to do to be a good friend.  This is a part of the Religious Education programme.
Allenzo is an entertaining speaker and commanded the attention of 150 Year 9 students for the entire period.  He shared valuable tips and in the survey of students after the talk, some of the tips the students remembered were:
  • “To think more carefully about my decisions and to think about how it will affect others.”
  • “To be known as the positive friend.”
  • “Quality vs quantity in friends was something I thought was important.”
  • “Be yourself.”
As the students re-emerge out of the isolation of the COVID pandemic, reconnecting with each other is more important than ever.  The ‘Connected’ presentation was a good reminder of the value of friendships and how to navigate them.